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ERM Books on AI-based Risk – the Future of ERM. Artificial Intelligence and related technologies are changing the face of business and Enterprise Risk Management is not exempt. Post COVID both ISO 31000 or COSO ERM, will be transformed by: 

ERM books on AI-based Risk Management

Books on ERM

The Future of ERM Book 1

Mastering 21st Century
Enterprise Risk Management

Mastering 21st Century Enterprise Risk Management

Mastering 21st Enterprise Risk Management – 2nd Edition, is an Executive’s guide to Risk Management 2.0. It will help you solve one of the biggest problem you face in the post-COVID new normal. To handle volatility and navigate an uncertain future.

It will help you:

  • Avoid the traps and pitfalls common in ERM.
  • Capitalize on ESG risks as market differentiator.
  • Make Executives the drivers of GRC projects, not victims.
  • Link risk to strategy to manage the uncertainty in strategic objectives.
  • Combine the best of ISO 31000 and COSO ERM revisions.
  • Transform ERM from an overhead to a driver of growth.
  • Learn risk best practices of Bayesian modeling, strategic vs risk-based thinking, horizon scanning for threat management and effectively aggregating risk.
  • And prepare for the future of ERM – AI-based risk management.

Gregory M. Carroll uses examples of Brexit, COVID, and rise of social responsible governance to present industry leading strategies. This comes from a wealth of learning and life experience gained from implementing from  working with the Australian Dept. of Defence, Victorian Infectious Diseases Labs, Serco, and Motorola.

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The Future of ERM Book 2

Risk Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence can transform Risk Management

“Risk Intelligence: How Artificial Intelligence can transform Risk Management” expands on Book 1’s  concepts. Now we look at integrating AI based Risk Management into ERM. This includes:

  • using Bayesian techniques more widely, from identifying risk drivers to modelling scenarios.
  • Strategic Risk with Bayesian Game Theory.
  • Financial Risk with Time Series Forecasting.
  • Security Risk and Blockchain Trust Systems.
  • OpRisk with Behavioural Analysis
  • Third Party Risk with Knowledge Graphs.
  • Compliance Risk with NLP Text Analytics.
  • Market Risk with Big Data & Clustering.
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality for Training.
  • Bayesian Decision Networks for risk-based decision-making.

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Books on ERM Reviews

“Must Reading!”

I'm the editor of CERM Risk Insights magazine. We've been publishing snippets of Greg's Mastering 21st Century ERM for three months. The reviews have been great. His book opens people's eyes to today's volatility and business challenges

“Comprehensive with lots of items not included in other such books”

Excellent very thorough text book on risk management 2. It is comprehensive with a lot of items not included in other such books. Good job well done. I like issues of delivering value, managing context and of risk drivers.
James Kline
James Kline
Governance Risk Specialist Portland, Oregon, USA

About the Author

Gregory M Carroll

Gregory M. Carroll is an AI based Risk Management evangelist with 30 years exp in ERM, IT, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in mission critical environments like Dept of Defence and Victorian Infectious Disease Ref Labs. Author of “Mastering 21st century Enterprise Risk Management”, Greg is a strong advocate for applying Bayesian techniques to Risk Management.

Founder and Director of Fast Track (Aust), Greg has extensive experience in implementing both ML and Risk Management for multinationals like Motorola, Fosters and Serco.

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