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Gregory M. Carroll

Gregory M. Carroll

Gregory M. Carroll is an AI based Risk Management evangelist with 30 years exp in ERM, IT, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in mission critical environments like Dept of Defence and Victorian Infectious Disease Ref Labs. Author of “Mastering 21st century Enterprise Risk Management”, Greg is a strong advocate for applying Bayesian techniques to Risk Management.

Founder and Director of Fast Track (Aust), Greg has extensive experience in implementing both ML and Risk Management for multinationals like Motorola, Fosters and Serco. This includes proactive AI and risk analytics solutions using deep learning to classify risk, random forest for scenario analysis, and Bayesian networks for risk aggregation.

Since doing a Graduate Diploma in Computer Simulation (Operations Research) at Swinburne University, he has been heavily involved with computer-based decision tools. Greg also has a Certificate in Machine Learning from Stanford University, in Data Science from the University of Michigan, and is a Microsoft MCP full stack developer.

Greg regularly publishes blog articles on artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies, in addition to articles on Enterprise Risk Management and AI based Risk Management. Feel free to connect with Greg on LinkedIn.

Books by Gregory M Carroll

Mastering 21st Century
Enterprise Risk Management

Mastering 21st Century Enterprise Risk Management – 2nd Edition is an Executive’s Guide to understanding leading best practices in ERM.  These are the prerequisites for structuring ISO 31000 or COSO ERM system to enable the implementation of AI based Risk Management. 

Risk Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence can transform Risk Management

This book is not a technical manual on building Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. It is an executive’s guide to applying AI technologies to transform risk management into a proactive management tool for informed decision-making and exploiting opportunities. 

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