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ERM Book – Advance Copy Reviewers Wanted

Gregory M Carroll

Author: Gregory M Carroll

Advance Copy Reviewers Wanted for ERM Book

“Mastering 21st Century
Enterprise Risk Management - 2nd Edition”

“An Executive’s Guide to the Future of ERM”

The world has dramatically changed since I first published “Mastering 21st Century Enterprise Risk Management” in 2013. So I have updated it for the 2017/18 changes to ISO 31000 and COSO ERM. Also I included analysis of cause and effects of major events such as Brexit, Trump, COVID, and BLM, with associated look at ESG risks and Governance.  

Although ISO 31000 defines risk as the uncertainty on corporate objectives, most risk management is primarily based on the administration of risk in risk registers, using risk matrix, and heat maps.  This siloes risk preventing an Enterprise view necessary for ERM. Mastering 21st century Enterprise Risk Management is a call to action to transform business to managing risk proactively. This involves integrating multiple risk systems around corporate objectives, measuring risk by their value at risk, and aggregating to ascertain the real effect of uncertainty on corporate objectives, thereby fulfilling the primary directive of ISO 31000 . Being proactive comes from evaluating risk events, instead of risk items, using Scenario Analysis. This transforms risk management into a tool for risk-based decision-making allowing “what-if” modeling of effects of possible changes to a process.

As an Executive’s Guide, this book looks at these techniques from a high level covering concepts and benefits, with references to where further technical details can be found. This has expanded the book from 100 pages to 170 pages.

As a result, I’m looking for a number of reviewers to whom I am happy to provide an Advanced Review Copy (ARC) of the new book in either Kindle or PDF format at no cost.  In return I only ask you are available to read it now and willing to post a short review of the book on one of the published sites, such as Amazon, Bookbaby, Goodreads, etc (links supplied), or email a quote to me that you permit me to display of the books website.

Obviously I welcome independent reviews of the new 2nd Edition, both constructive comments and supportive statements. I am currently preparing a follow-up book on “AI based Risk Management”, covering the application of artificial intelligence and other related disruptive technologies to the issues covered in this book. As this is a series “The Future of ERM”, I don’t intend for the next book to repeat the contents of this book and will assume an understanding of these issues and approaches.

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