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Latest news on AI based Risk Management

Innovation is vision
4. Review and Improvement, ERM

How to develop an Innovation Culture

Innovation is driven by someone vision of how THEIR world could be and the drive to come up a solution. Essentially, this means it must come from operational

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PDCA Not Best Practice
4. Review and Improvement

PDCA is NOT Best Practice

There is a gaggle of Management Consultants pushing the 20th century mantra of Good Management Practice as a panacea to all the ill of today’s business environment. The key plank in most of these

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artificial intelligence augmenting human capabilities
AI based risk technologies, ERM

10 Technologies Disrupting Risk Management

Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Youtube Author: Gregory M Carroll Top 10 Technologies Disrupting Risk Management The release of ISO 31000 was the first step across the threshold into 21st century risk

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